I’m cleaning like it’s spring or something…

So I spent the day having a Navy-field-day worthy, spring-style cleaning session! It started innocently enough… wash a sinkful of dishes here, pick up some socks there, the next thing I know I’m dusting and mopping my floors. WTH? How did this happen? Oh yeah, I remember now…

I’m having a belated birthday/pampered chef party on saturday.(PS, you can get in on the action by the way. Host name: Yetunde Rodriguez) Anyway, since I respond very well to deadline stress, I decided to take this opportunity to bring some much needed charm into my decor. Only problem is, I’ve been so enjoying looking for ideas that I haven’t done anything. I collected  a stash of House Beautiful mags from the library for inspiration (sigh…to be endlessly wealthy).  I sidetracked myself looking at all the things I want to do instead of doing them.

I decided to do something about it. If I can’t decorate like Candice Olson, I can at least live up to my AfroMartha name by cleaning and organizing. And this is how I ended up mopping my very dingy hardwood floors today. Tomorrow, I tackle the kitchen and the pantry which have really gotten out of hand. And maybe I’ll finally put up all the pictures and artwork I’ve been meaning to put up.

If only my pantry would look like this...

3 thoughts on “I’m cleaning like it’s spring or something…

  1. Libby says:

    One can only dream. I have enough space for me here but my problem is I need things to store the stuff in so in the meantime, it’s very very easy to lose your way. I dream of matching, functional containers and a few furniture pieces here or there. Maybe a closet organizer or two as well. Until then, I’ll let you have all the fun!

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