work in progress: living room

1. I think charm is finally on its way to my living room.

2. I know it’s  been said many times before, but what a difference a coat of paint makes! I decided to tone down the stark white by painting the two walls adjacent to the dining room the same Latte color as the dining room. Wow, instant warmification!


3. I am finally doing something with all the wall art ideas I’ve collected.


Edited To add: I thought the wall-art looked a little skimpy, so I added more. I’ve had these Ikea mirrors for years and I’ve always hung them up in a column. I thought it would be fun to mount them randomly instead as part of this installation. The circles are embroidery hoops that I’ve spray painted. The small hoops are brown and tan, the large hoops are red.


4. There’s nothing like deadline stress to get me going. My friend said to me, “you’re the only person I know who would paint 2 days before a party.” Damn skippy! All that extra time is reserved for over-thinking and idea-collection. I get in gear right before d-day.

5.  Got some suggestions for? Please, pretty please, leave a comment. Enjoy your day~

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