Help Me Decide! Poll time…

I have been seriously considering opening an AfroMartha Store on Etsy. This store will hold my housewares and home goods line. It will have items I currently have in my JesPlayin store, such as the Pillow Covers and other things that I have in the works. It will also hold some de-stash items like excess fabrics and things. I feel like my current JesPlayin store is kind of a mish-mash, and I’d like to streamline by separating HomeGoods and Personal Accessories. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Help Me Decide! Poll time…

  1. claviticus says:

    I think you should keep it as one store and when things get busier decided from there. To up keep 2 sites and whatnot can be alot of work so take it easy for now and enjoy it all in one bag.

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