Reuse and Repurpose: Chipboard Boxes as Business Cards

The information on this card is pure fiction...

I looked up and noticed I was about to run out of business cards. What is a girl to do? Why, print some of course! I wanted the same thickness and heft I got from my Moo cards, so I had an idea: I could print on regular paper and then stick to cardstock. I had all these cereal boxes lying around (and who doesn’t), so I decided to use them up.

1) Printed (from my little epson workforce c-30) my pre-designed business cards onto some thin glossy paper I from my stash.

2) I then coated the other side of the prints with adhesive, using my 5″ xyron create-a-sticker machine. Since the machine only takes items 5″ or less, I cut the sheet down to 4.25″ (half of a 8.5 x 11″ sheet, lengthwise)

3) I stuck the adhesive side to the printed side of the cereal boxes.
4) I then trimmed the cards down using a craft knife, and my cutting mat and clear ruler.

5) And Voila! Business Cards… except greener.

This idea is not limited to single-sided business cards either. You could cover both sides of the card, or you could use these as greeting cards or postcards. The possibilities are endless!

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8 thoughts on “Reuse and Repurpose: Chipboard Boxes as Business Cards

  1. loveandbutterflies says:

    that is off the hook, can i use this technique, i need cards but have no money, i thought you did a stencil or block print, where do i get sticker machines Micheal’s? they look great!

    • AfroMartha says:

      thanks ladies! sure, use this technique and do it even better! the sticker machine can be found at pretty much any craft store. I got mine from wal-mart for $20. You can also do spray adhesive. It’s cheaper, but I don’t like it because no matter how much ventilation I have it still seems to get in my nose. Let me see how yours turn out!

  2. Melissa Danielle says:

    I feel like I discovered you at just the right moment! I recently completed a two-year paper declutter project, freeing up space and time to explore creative projects. I’m looking forward to learning from and growing with you.

    • Yetunde Rodriguez says:

      Well Hello Melissa!
      I’m so found you found me too! Decluttering is great for the soul, and I look forward to bringing you fun and useful creative projects! Please feel free to offer up suggestions on what you’d like to see.

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