Doing Well The Things

I’ve been really thinking this week about laser-focus and the art of doing things well.

I’ve been witnessing how lovely it is to be intentional, present, and laser-focused on your craft, in your life, in the moment.

handpainting fabric

In this day and age of multi-tasking, constant busy-ness, and round the clock distraction, it becomes increasingly more difficult to laser focus on doing less, doing it well.

It’s even tougher when you have a bad case of  shiny-object syndrome like I do.

I just realized I’m not Superwoman. And I don’t want to be.

This week I have had the privilege seeing what life could be, if I could let go of doing it all by myself. I got to be around, and work with some people who, who just being around them made me want to be not just better, but EXCELLENT.

They were so awe-inspiring and motivated to excel, that you just could not help wanting to be as good as them, if not better.

(By the way, who were these magical creatures? They are my fellow educators. By the way, those who teach…are magic. I dare you to say different.)

I noticed that what made them so gosh darn awesome, was that they are know the difference between 1. what they are good at, 2. what they do not know how to do, and 3. what they have no interest in doing. 1, 2 & 3 were crucial to their mission, but their expertise was in 1, and 1 only.

So what to do, what to do…

They did something that I have been really trying to master. They pass 2 & 3 to those who do those things, not just very well, but do it BEST. (Me being one of the minions, of course). This freed them up to focus on doing what they do best, #1.

When that happens, the result is pure Magic. I dunno about you, but I could use more magic in my life.

ribbon scraps

I know that this is not a new idea. It’s not even new to me. But somehow seeing it in action this week really drove the point home like never before.

Since I’m gifted with the ability, talent, and curiosity to do a lot of things, I try to do EVERYTHING. While I generally succeed with most things, I would be better served to stop trying to do it all myself.

Letting go of control is never easy, and I don’t yet know what it means for the future, but I’m open to finding out.

How about you? What amazing phenomenal thing could you excel at if you let go of the less important?

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