Frosted Contact Paper + Cut Out Shapes = Cute Modern Window Covering

So, I previously showed you how I used frosted contact paper as a privacy film for my windows here.

Well, look what else you can do to that privacy film!

photo (3)


That’s right, you can cut shapes into it with a craft knife! In the example above, I cut in my house number. This is a fun modern, inexpensive and crafty way to add a house number to your door. This is also a great way to add your touch if you are in a rental, without worring about losing your deposit. In fact, your landlord will love you for it! Your mailman will also appreciate knowing he’s delivering to the right address.

Look what else you can do, if you don’t do the street number:


In the example above, I used the frosted contact paper with the squarish/diamond texture. What I did? I cut squares (I offset the squares instead of cutting the existing squares) in a random kind of placement.  Like so:


It’s pretty easy. All you need is your contact paper and a craft knife. It’s super easy to cut the shapes out once you’ve pasted the contact paper onto the window. Cutting before pasting is just insane. Paste, then cut. Got it?

For the street number, all you do is print out the number you want to cut. Print it right facing, then tape it in position outside the window, just the way it will be read from the street. Follow the shape with your knife. Hopefully you have a steady hand.

What I like the most about the square cut outs is that it lets in light, and also makes a really cool almost ‘bokeh’ effect at night when the street lights stream through the cuts. It also gives you a tiny peek-hole to see who’s at your door.

In my example I did the number for the front door and the squares on the back door.

I like to use the snap-off knives, but an X-acto blade would work great as well.

Good luck!

If you make this project I’d like to see it. Submit here.

2 thoughts on “Frosted Contact Paper + Cut Out Shapes = Cute Modern Window Covering

  1. alicia says:

    I just finished this on my door, glad I came across your page for pointers!

    It doesn’t seem to allow me to share a photo…

    • Yetunde Rodriguez says:

      Thank you so much for visiting, and I’m so happy to hear that you did this project and my pointers helped! If you would like to forward me the photo I can make sure to post it! Thanks again for checking in.

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