A Few Updates

Hello Friends! So, this weeks marks the beginning of my 4th week of school. Yes, I finally took the plunge, and I’m now an Interior Design student at my local community college. I am beyond excited to learn all the technical nitty-gritty details of properly designing a room. My program, though a 2 year program is rigorous and demanding. Curiously, the courses I’m currently enrolled in are making me a better Graphic Designer as well as preparing me to design rooms. I have been joking that my Graphic Design Bachelor’s program just gave me the paper (and what an expensive paper it was!), but my Interior Design Associates gave me the TRUE design skills. A few weeks into the program, and I already feel that this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in life.

My workspace and a print I designed and made for class.

My workspace featuring a print I designed and made for class.

So, yes, I’m loving it, but as I mentioned, it is very demanding! I am enrolled in 3 studio classes and 1 lecture class. I work part time (from home, yay!) and I’m keeping up the blog and shop. Oh yeah, there’s also a matter of some kids and husband and home to tend to, so, ya, I’m busy. But that’s not to say I will be neglecting my readers. I won’t have nearly as much time for big posts, but I will be in touch. Sometimes I have an idea that suddenly occurs to me that people might want to find out about…could be a meal I’ve prepared, a decor or storage hack, or what have you. When I do get the idea out, it’s usually been ending up on my Instagram feed, but they deserve to be on the blog as well. I have now found a way to direct them here. In fact you may have already been bombarded with some posts. I’m sorry if I cluttered up your inbox…I’m still tweaking the program. Hopefully soon I will be able to condense my posts into one daily digest-type post instead of a series of small posts.

another one of my pieces for class.

another one of my pieces for class.

I think this is a win because it gets the idea out there quickly and effectively without having to wait for an opportunity for a full-blown post. Plus, you readers are a smart bunch. You don’t always need a step-by-step tutorial, but I won’t hesitate to provide one if needed. So, with that said, you will be hearing from me, more frequently in shorter bursts, which will hopefully lead to better ideas. Thank you f0r reading!

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