I’ve been profiled… plus a few notes.

Integrated Memoirs (http://integratedmemoirs.wordpress.com) is a blog that chronicles interracial/intercultural relationships. I’ve been following for a while, and I rather enjoy it, considering that my family is multi-culti. Eliss, the blog writer and couple curator extraordinaire, recently interviewed me for her blog. I discussed the finer points of being multi-culti with my equally multi-culti husband and our multi-culti brood. (Did I say multi-culti enough times?! Good 🙂

Go here to read, and make sure to leave your thoughts.

*I just found out I had some unanswered comments. Sorry ’bout that! Thank you for your comments, I appreciate your thoughts.

@FreshGoddess: it is somewhat difficult to get noticed on Etsy, but people manage to do it. I have noticed that most of the ones that seem to rise to the top are people who have studied design and honed their craft. So I guess the cream will eventually rise to the top. I think also doing shows/festivals and building your own fan base is very important.  I think most importantly, you have to have really unique and original products or at least a fresh perspective on a regular item, hence, no ‘craft store kits’.

me at the PopShop Cincy event

photo courtesy of Final Friday PopShop

*sold* *sold* and *sold*, yeah!

*I am gearing up for some summer shows/festivals. I recently did PopShop Cincinnati, which was a huge success. I really enjoyed the setup, the ambience and the music, and of course the sales. Great Job! I plan on attending as long they keep having these. Go here to see more photos of the event.

The weather is warm, time for some fun new colors!

Fun new materials I'm experimenting with

6 thoughts on “I’ve been profiled… plus a few notes.

  1. HappyMami says:

    I’m scouring the internets for other multi-culti crafters and is it just me or are there not many out there? I love your blog, thanks for adding your voice!

    • AfroMartha says:

      @HappyMami: Welcome to Afromartha! Thanks for visiting, and it’s great to have you here. Thank YOU for adding your voice.

  2. Linda Jones says:

    I Love Your Blog. I live in Piqua, OH (about 25-30 miles up I-75: Vandalia, Tipp City, Troy, Piqua, Sidney…).

    Saw you last weekend at Christian Life Center show! Loved it!


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