It’s still amazes me what people will throw away. Or get rid of. I wanna say I don’t understand, but then again, I’ve done the same thing. Gotten rid of something that might make people question my sanity. One woman’s trash really is another woman’s treasure.

Take for instance these blinds I got from my favorite thrift store. They were BRAND NEW, unopened, in box. Mind you, my favorite thrift is where stuff goes to die. It is literally the last stop before the landfill. It’s amazing to me that no one scooped these up before I did. Oh well. I am not complaining. That’s the great conundrum isn’t it? If people don’t get rid of their ‘trash,’ I don’t get my treasure. So trash on folks, trash on!


Here’s what I had before finding these shades (as you can see, my boys got to it)


It’s sooo hard to get a good window shot, especially on a gorgeous sunny day like today, but here:


The grand total for all three (brand new in box) shades: $4! You can’t beat that!

Okay, now onto the dilemma.

I have this gorgeous picture window in my dining room. It’s just under 6ft wide (about 68”) and same height…basically a square.
I love my picture window but the view is not the best (thanks neighbor). I need suggestions for what to do. I want to emphasize the window, but I don’t really want to cover it up. I don’t like to look at my neighbors unkempt yard, nor do I want people looking at us at night when it’s dark and we can’t see them.

Here is a picture of it with some blinds on it (once again, sorry for the pics, it’s really hard to take pics of a sunny window).


Ok, now what? Please give me some ideas!

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