The Humble Placemat

Ah, the humble ubiquitous placemat. You know, the round ones made of woven spun polyester, or maybe even straw.

I don’t know why, but I just love them.


Maybe it’s because they are inexpensive, come in many delicious colors, and are widely available.

I never just see them as placemats though. I always look beyond their primary use to see what else they could become.

I’ve unraveled them into a yarn of sorts. I’ve tried to make jewelry with them.

I’ve used them as embroidery/appliques by sewing them onto fabric.


I’ve tacked them directly to my walls for a sort of ‘Morroccan’ ambience in my living room.



But my favorite use for these lovelies:

photo (5)

Hot glue the ‘yarn’ around an empty beer bottle

Attach decorative trim, and Wah-la! A new bud vase.

Otra Vez: