A few of my thrifting finds


When I’m not making stuff, I love to thrift. Thrifting is the ultimate intersection of my serendipity + bargain hunting. When I’ve got a hankering to find accessories that are just so, I hit the thrift. I’ve collected a few things in the last few years and thought I’d share them with you. You will notice a distinct boho/earthy vibe with these picks. Some are vintage, some are not.


beaded belt

Beaded Belt for when I’m feeling boho-chic-like


Red wooden necklace for a bold statement…

beaded purse

Vintage beaded purse with lacquered wood detail: goes with anything


Braided leather belt for a touch of the trendy


Vintage Brass beaded belt: for 70s disco queen vibe


For a surpise pop of cool color: Patent Leather Clutch


For channeling my inner Urban Cowgirl… (Even the picture it rests on is thrifted)

orange bag

My favorite go to for stylishly toting all my essentials: Orange straw bag with brown reed handles

I love seeing other people’s fabulous finds too, so please share!