Make your own storage boxes

I was inspired to share this after visiting one of my favorite blogs: I heart organizing. She shared a few ideas about DIY storage items using things you may already have laying about. When ‘getting organized’ the temptation is usually to overlook what you already have on hand and go out and buy the pretty containers and accessory. Well, before you do that…pause

Funny she should bring this up because… I can’t stop contact-papering boxes! A few months ago I was obsessed with making my own storage boxes from scratch. You know, those too-cute-to-be-believed-but-I’m-way-too-cheap-spend-that-kind-of-money-on-those storage boxes. They make your shelf look all pretty and organized.

Well I tried my hand at making a few of those from scratch using pretty fabrics/paper. The Hubs looked at me like I was crazy…he wondered if I needed something (else) to do with my time when he saw me spending precious time cutting up and hot-gluing chipboard. I wondered that myself. I quickly decided that life is too short…

Then I discovered really cute contact paper from (of all places) the Dollar Tree. They have this nice Toile pattern that I just fell in love with. Then I discovered even more stylish and modern contact paper by way of Marshall’s and HomeGoods. It was as if the sky opened up.  Lemme tell you it’s far more fun and far easier and quicker to make storage boxes by reusing that which is already there, than by reinventing the wheel. It’s also way less messy to cover them with contact paper.

How is it that more people aren’t doing this? It’s so fun! (maybeitsjustme).  My shelves are getting so much more organized… Well I’m still working on the pretty-pretty.


Speaking of contact-paper obsessions, I also used the Toile pattern from Dollar Tree to dress up my pair of plain Ikea Helmer Storage cabinets that fit under my office desk, , as seen here:

photo (3)
My space is not picture perfect (pleasedontjudgeme)

So stock up on free boxes from Dollar Tree, Sam’s Club, Aldi, and what-have-you, round up some cute contact paper, and get to prettying up and containerizing!