Spring Has Sprung.

Spring has been my favorite season since the summer of 2003. Up until that point summer had my unending devotion. I suppose being pregnant THE ENTIRE SUMMER had a little something to do with that. Now I simply can’t take the heat and humidity of the summer. Spring though? We’ve become BFFs. I feel renewed and optimistic, which is a feeling I wholeheartedly welcome after the past year I’ve had.


In an effort to conserve our gas consumption, I’ve been riding the bus to work in the morning. I must say at first i was a bit nervous, but its been rather pleasant. It’s amazing what you miss when you drive everywhere. Things like when you notice that a building has been torn down. A building you have zoomed past a million times, too harried and rushed on your way to your next what-ever. But now you can not, for the life of you remember what that building was

I love being downtown watching all the people shuttling around trying to get to work/school/what-have-you. And the people watching…oh the people watching!


The beautiful spring weather has also caused me spend all my work breaks walking the parking lot , which is where I took these gorgeous shots.

It’s been so lovely being outside in the sunny-cool-crisp morning that I’m already wistfully stashing the memories for when its hot and sticky. Or worse yet, cold and snowy.

It is then that I have to tell myself to slow down. Enjoy the moment while it is still here.

So how about you? What is your favorite thing about spring? What have you done differently lately?