food porn: turkey flatbread wrap

Thrifty Tuesday is on hiatus again this week.

I’m making it up to you with some Food Porn.

Here’s one of my favorite sandwiches.  Even my little people concur that this is one good sammy.



Pepper Smoked Turkey Wrap, AfroMartha – Style.

Suggested Ingredients: feel free to omit or substitute to your taste

Pepper Smoked Turkey from the deli


Vine Ripened Tomato

Mixed Greens (I use the Organic Herb Mix from Wal-Mart)

Seasoned Rice Vinegar


Coarse Salt

Garlic Naan bread (the kind from the Wal-Mart bakery works the best!) You can also substitute Pita Bread, tortilla or any other flat bread.

Suggested Method:

Cut up the veggies and the turkey julienne-style and toss together in a bowl.

Lightly toast the Naan bread in a toaster oven or oven (about 3 mins on 300 deg). This makes the bread soft and squishy. This is crucial to the scrumdeeli-umptiousness of your sandwich

Scoop the turkey and veggie mixture onto the Naan Bread. Drizzle lightly w/the vinegar and EVOO and lightly sprinkle with coarse salt.

Fold over and try to make it to the table before inhaling your feast.

Bon Apetit.