2 Tales, 1 conclusion, Part 1

Tale 1.

I’d say we’ve had a pretty mild winter here in the midwest. We’ve had barely any snow, and temperatures have been pretty mild, never dipping below the 20’s for more than a couple of days at a time. I’m a tropical girl living in the midwest, so hey, I’ll take the warm weather any way I can get it. Just when I was about to chant ‘hurray for global warming!’ (yeah, bad, bad, bad, I know!), I found out what all this decent weather is going to cost us.

More expensive produce, apparently. Since the ground didn’t freeze like it should, nature didn’t take it’s course. Therefore, produce will be more expensive, and maybe not as good. Read more about that here and here.

Tale II.

While whiling away my time on pinterest I ran across this blog called ‘100 days of Real Food.’ The lured me into their blog with this image:


A beautiful image of delicious mexican food? Yes please! I was led by the nose to the the blog. After a skimming a few pages, I very quickly realized how much I’ve fallen off in the cooking department. A lot of the tips/techniques/practices were what I used to do. Sure I cook daily. Sure I use a lot of vegetables and make my meals reasonably healthy. I realize I could do more. In fact, I used to do more.

For a period of about 5 years, I was a vegetarian. I was so deep into my vegetarianism, I even learned to make Tofu from scratch. I also made Seitan (the vegetarian wheat meat) from scratch. I made bread from scratch, by hand. I substituted Flaxseed water for Eggs in recipes. I made soap, from scratch. Those who knew me back then would marvel at how I made all this happen with a toddler, and eventually another baby in tow. I wonder that myself today. I did all these things because I believe that diet, and whatever you put on or in your body affects your overall health. I did all these things because I wanted my family to have the best, and be in good health.

By the time I reached baby number three, and the older ones got older, life got more and more complicated. I started falling off. Hard. I started buying more processed foods. I even *gasp* bought ramen noodles on occasion. We made the occasional trip to Sonic. What can I say, the kids love applesauce, jello,cookies, and all that junk. I made a good attempt at packing school lunch daily. The youngest loves the slop served at school, so I let him be. Sometimes it’s just easier to order some pizza and call it a night!

The most important reason for the change? My focus. I went from being a hard-core stay-at-home-Mom selling handmade goods on the side to working part time, to wanting a career. With the changing economy, and the last of the brood going off to Kindergarten, it felt like the most logical conclusion was for me to go into the workforce. I couldn’t even enjoy my time at home anymore, because it felt like anything that was not leading to an income was a waste of time. So I didn’t enjoy doing those things anymore.

But guess what? I still don’t have a career. I am still at home.

So I making some changes. Older, wiser and with a sense of moderation.

First I’m telling you what I’m not going back to:

I’m not going back to vegetarianism (I enjoy Nigerian style goat meat waaay too much for that.).

I’m not going back to making Tofu at home. Store bought is juuuuust fine.

Definitely not making Seitan. I hated the stuff…it was like chewing rubber.

What am I going back to?

Come back tomorrow for the Conclusion.