Feeling the Love…


I opened my email to find this lovely message from Libby, a fellow blogger. Apparently she’s been having trouble leaving a comment.  I truly appreciate this because she could have simply not left a  message at all, but she took the time to compose a message and email it to me. I will honor her comments by posting them here for her. So, here goes:

I’ve been trying to comment on your blog for days now, but I’ve been having error messages.  It seems that when I submit my comments, Blogger says that I’m not a member of my own blog. ???  Maybe it’s just a temporary glitch.  Anyhoo, I’m determined to get my comments to you before they continue to pile up in my Word document.  lol

Here’s what I’ve been trying to send:

I enjoyed your interview. Congrats on all your sales! I agree with your comments about Etsy. It definitely doesn’t sell itself.

Below is a comment I tried to leave some days ago. It wouldn’t go through then, but I’m trying it here:

It’s funny, Y, that now I walk in Walmart, think of you, and do a little chuckle to myself. Apparently I haven’t been in our Walmart in so long that they had time to remodel the whole store and change it like the other Walmarts with the eco-friendly colors and the aisles all turned in different directions. There’s actually a station with a sign that says, "If you can’t find what you’re looking for, I can help." I quickly got out of there. lol


Saw this link and immediately thought of you: http://theinspiredroom.net/diy/easy-thrift-store-lamp-makeover-with-paint-makers/

That was not all she wrote, but those were her comments. Thank you Libby!

ps….That is a gorgeous lamp redo, by the way! Go on over and see it, then go visit Libby at her blog here.

I’ve just been feeling so much love lately!  Maybe it’s because I have been enjoying myself more, not sweating the small stuff as much, and just generally going with the flow of things.  Or maybe it’s because I practically BLOOM in warm weather.  I’m getting compliments left and right, men of all ages are hitting on me (sorry guys, I’m taken lol) and my work is being very well received. 

All this love is giving me the much needed push to stay motivated with my creative business ventures. As you can probably tell, my commitment ebbs and flows. Sometimes I’m just not feeling it so much, so I take breaks. It is a battle for me to maintain the same level of interest and commitment at all times, depending on what is going on in my life.  Instead of fighting the ebbs as I used to do, I now just go with it. I figured that eventually the cream will once again rise to the top, and I will know what to do.  Sometimes we just need to trust ourselves.

I’m happy to report that the flows are getting stronger as vision gets clearer. I have a few goals lined up. Rather than tell you, I will show you. Stay tuned.