My Current Crafting Obsession

A couple of my vinyl cutouts. The image in orange is an original design of mine.

A few months ago I purchased a Silhouette cutting machine.  If you are not familiar with the Silhouette machine, it is like a Cricut machine…except you are can cut practically anything. You are not tied to any ridiculously overpriced and creativity-limiting shape cartridges. I had been dying for one for a while. I could imagine all the intricate shapes and designs I could cut.  Let me say that I have never really scrap-booked.  I keep trying to make myself do it, but all the overwhelmingly cutesy supplies and perfectly laid out pages scare me.  I love to use scrap-booking tools….for other projects around the house.  I wanted the machine for a couple of reasons.  1. I fell in love with vinyl wall decor, 2. I was excited about the possibilities of using the machine to cut stencils for screen-printing, and 3.) I especially loved the machine’s ‘print and cut’ function, whereby I could print and cut different shape labels for my (then business) body product packaging.

As it often happens in life I got my machine, messed with it a little, but didn’t really have time to learn it.  It sat around for a few months until a few days ago.  I finally got my crafting area together and decided it was time to spend some quality-time with my Silhouette.  I am so excited!  I know, I know… crafting is not for everyone.  In fact, I watched a segment of Martha’s show with the actress Kerry Washington.  In the clip, Martha asked her where she does her crafting, and she said after a brief pause…”Um…here on your show…”  It was hilarious, and it is exactly how some people feel about crafts.  And that’s okay.  Not everyone gets excited about it, but I’m one of  those people that do.

So, like I was saying. I finally got to bond with my machine, and here are a couple of my practice projects.  I cut out a couple of shapes in vinyl for my walls.  I haven’t even begun!  Wait till you see my new AfroMartha calling cards!

p.s: you can see the machine to the right of the laptop in the picture.