Thrifty (Re)Upholstered ArmChair

And the parade of projects continues, thanks to this highly unusual spring into summer we are enjoying.

I just got around to recovering an $8 chair I picked up a couple of months ago from my favorite spot, the goodwill outlet store.

I actually rather like the fabric that’s on it. It was just beat to hell done for. It was frayed around the corners and filthy.

With a few few waves of my magic wand, here is the after:


The fabric I used came from the $6/yd section of Hancock Fabrics, and was practically identical in texture (linen-y/burlap-y) to the fabric that covered it before. The after effect is very Ballard Designs, minus the cost, don’t you think? I liked the finish on the frame of the chair, so I decided not to mess with it. I was a little concerned about using a light colored fabric (this is after all a household with children). Not to worry though, I scotchguard-ed the hell out of it.

Once again, Before, meet After:


No really, this project was so simple I almost feel guilty. Pretty straightforward stuff.

1. Remove about a thousand upholstery tacks, then the top fabric (there’s usually a muslin cover underneath that)

2. I used the old fabric pieces as patterns for the new fabric. I cut where the old pieces were cut, and slit where they were slit. This made things so much easier when it came time to attach the fabric  because everything fit perfectly.

3. Attach with a few thousand more staples. 

You want more information on the process, you say?

I can DO, but there are way cleverer teachers out there than yours truly, so I’ve sourced some really good tutes for you. Check out these resources:

Here is a great 3-part tutorial from Little Green Notebook. They are also the proud owners of the handy little chart pinned below (directly from the source, thank you)