Creative Reuse

I just love when I find a new use for something I already have! This is especially fun if it helps you to organize your home better. Bonus? No need to go out and buy a new doo-dad when something you already have will do just fine.

Courtesy of Real Simple Magazine, here is a running list of items that can do double or triple duty in your home:

1. Wire hangers as ribbon spool holder in your crafting space.  Simply untwist at the neck and slip on your ribbon, then twist back to close.

2. Empty Tissue Box as plastic bag dispenser.  You could even go a step further and decorate the box with your favorite wrapping paper if you’d like.

3. Wine Rack as Magazine storage.

4. Pin your socks together in matching pairs before tossing in a load of laundry.  No more dissappearing socks in the dryer!

5. Paint the bottom of your shaving cream can (or any other bathroom dwelling cans) with nail polish. This seals the bottom and prevents rust rings.

6. Dryer sheet as pan cleaner. This I haven’t personally tried because I am sold on Baking soda… I’m told you can soak your baked on pan with a dryer sheet overnight and in the morning it will come clean easy.

7. Clean the silk off your corn cob with a toothbrush (preferably brand new/unused!)

8. A personal favorite: Empty Ketchup Bottle for dispensing pancake batter.  Your pancakes will always have perfect edges. This just seems ingenious to me…

9. Lifesavers (the roll kind, and any other holey candies of that sort) to hold up the candle on your birthday cake. It’s literally the cherry on top.

10.  After emptying out your 6pack of wine-coolers (or beer), use the empty carton to hold your utensils.  One less thing to tote to the cookout/picnic!


11.   Pretty wine bottles =  nice shapely boots next winter. Store your tall winter boots with those ‘too pretty to throw out’ wine bottles.

12. When packing for a trip, store your shoes in your socks. This protects them from any accidental spills.


13. Slide a toothpick under a button when sewing to get the perfect button tension.

14. Organize jewelry and other knick-knacks with a cupcake carrier. This also works for clean empty egg-cartons.

15. Empty wipes boxes to store crayons and hair accessories


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