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I hold a B.A in Graphic Design from Hampton University (go Pirates!). I have a passion and natural flair for Interior Design, and I’m a natural born savvy and sensible shopper. I have been successfully combining all my skills and passions for most of my life. I come with a wealth of experience and I can help you do what I do.
1. Graphic Design: Do you have a small business in need of a logo or other identity materials? I can design for you! I have years of experience as a graphic designer. I can create your identity and branding materials. Please review my portfolio at www.yaytoonday.com
2. Surface Design: Are you looking a boutique, housewares or paper goods manufacturer looking for  for your own unique fabrics to grace your equally unique creations? I can design for you. I specialize in bold graphic prints and would love to work with you! contact me for more information.
3. One-on-One design/decor/DIY help:  I can help you figure out how to decorate your home on a shoe-string budget. Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see things in a new way. No need to purchase a whole furniture suite from rooms-to-go. I can help you re-style what you already have and help you find pieces that will be ‘new to you’. I can help you whether you are styling your home or your latest bakery or cafe and you need to do so on a budget.
$75/hr session in person if you’re local to the Dayton Ohio area.  I can go shopping with you to help you find ‘new-to-you’ items, and suggest ways to make them work for you.
$50/hr over the phone or by skype. If I can’t be there with you in person I can be there with you in spirit! You can take me with you via the miracle of technology and I can be your personal consultant.
If you  want to fly me out to shop and DIY with you in person, I can do that too!

Why you you need me: Everyone is innately creative, but some of us need a little extra help pulling that creativity to the surface. I have  had years of experience in developing my creativity, and I can help you develop yours. A lot of projects seem like a no-brainer to me, just the same way as Accounting and book-keeping confound me, so I leave it to the experts. Some people also need to see something done before they can tackle it  themselves. I can be that live help for you.

4. Workshops and Seminars:  How about hiring me to come and speak to your Mom’s group, Church group, or any other group you can think of! I could do a group session on:
-cosmetic touches that enhance a home’s appeal,
-party decor,
-up-styling old furniture or
any other topics you would like! Contact me for specific details.

Why you need me: We all see beautifully styled rooms and wish we could all live like that. The truth is, we can. It is all very attainable. Some of us  just need extra help breaking down the components of the room for our purposes. We’ve all been taught that we need a high-priced decorator to pull off the look. You don’t. Let me show your group how to do it.

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