Fueling My Mojo–Doodling

In my effort to be a more effective Illustrator and Graphic Designer, I’m brushing up my doodling skills. Most of my designs tend to feature abstract whimsical geometrics. I really enjoy those, but I’d like to develop my skills to include other motifs. Seriously, don’t laugh at my sketches…


I generally prefer to use media where my mistakes can easily be erased, i.e computer sketching. If I mess up a line I can just ctrl +z out of it and redo it. Not so with hand drawing. This intimidates a lot of would-be drawers, because after all, you are forced to look at your mistakes. Because of this I end up starting my design on computer a lot of the time.

While effective, the computer is only a tool to carry out your ideas. It is not a replacement for skill. The  drawback with drawing exclusively on the computer is that you don’t really get to think through your design, which usually leads to wasting  a lot of time in front of the computer without having anything to show for it. At least if you sketch the old fashioned way, you may have a lot of goof-ups, but you also end up with a body of work for your time, and one of those goof-ups may have a kernel of a good idea that can be developed and refined.

So I’m facing my fears. I’m starting out with recipes (like cooking, no?)

Most people who don’t make a practice of drawing generally take one look at a finished drawing and decide that they can’t do it. The idea behind recipes is to break up each drawing into short, sweet, do-able components.  Like So:


from the book: “Craft-a-Doodle” by Jenny Doh.

You might initially take a look at the final Owl drawing and feel like you could never draw that. But if you can break it down to small lines and shapes (what I call small victories) the next thing you know, you’ve drawn a sweet little owl.

Here’s my rendition, in my signature imperfect style


The point of the exercises is of course not to just copy, but to develop your own unique style after you learn how to build basic shapes. Even though I followed the recipe, my drawing does not look like the example, though it looks like an owl. It looks like an owl that Yetunde  (and nobody else) drew.

So, I encourage you to bring out your inner illustrator. Everyone can draw, you just need practice.

Here are the books I’m using:

“Craft-a-Doodle – 75 Creative Exercises from 18 Artists” By Jenny Doh
”Zen Doodling” by Carolyn Scrace
”Creative Lettering, Techniques & Tips from Top Artists” by Jenny Doh

If you draw something, I’d love to see it!

Fueling my Mojo: Industrial Showers

I’m a shower girl.

Some people love taking long leisurely soaks. Nope, uhn-uhn. Give me a shower any day of the week.  There’s nothing like standing under the spray and watching all your stress literally wash away.  I take 2 showers a day, 1 in the morning and again before I go to bed. Okay, not everyday. That would be wasteful.

My current situation is that my shower has 2 and a half measly walls…like adding that extra half wall would have killed them? To further complicate matters, the half wall  happens to also be the wall that has the water supply/shower head. This means that for a long time we had only a handheld shower. That sucked! It finally dawned on me to rig up a faux-shower about 2 years ago. It works, but I still long for a real shower. In the meantime, a girl can dream.

With the way my bathroom is now, I think the best fit would be an Industrial shower. It wouldn’t do to have some glammed out bathroom in my vintage home, so I’ve been researching Industrial showers. Who knew they could be so sexy?

Here’s a round up of some swoon-worthy industrial showers that I found while dreamin’:

I love big showerheads and I can not lie. And just look at the gorgeous patina on that metal!


Loving the simplicity of this minimalist copper shower…though I might get knocked out with all that concrete…ah small price to pay from the gorgousness:


How about an all black bathroom for true relaxation? But how would you keep the floor dry…whatever, it’s gorgeous!


The shower curtain here reminds me of a more stylish version of my current situation. This tells me 2 wall showers and exposed pipes are a thing. Yay me! Oh yeah, I also love the shower head.


And last, but not the least, this:


I love the simplicity and elegance it’s giving off with that graceful 1-piece curve of Pipe. I don’t love the lack of a spraying head, but that’s easily remedied.

You know I want to DIY this, right? It is, after-all just a piece of copper pipe, bent in 2 places, but probably costs a bajillion dollars.

I also love that that bathroom looks like it could actually be in an average person’s house because of the tiles on the wall. While the others have been gorgeous, they look like the would belong in some super-duper-rich person’s house. But this one here? Yeah I could see it in my house.

So there ya have it, my love of industrial showers on display. So what’s giving you life right now?

This week’s mojo–Nigerian High Society & Style

Here is what I’m digging this week:

Nigerian high society fashion…

I dare you not to be inspired by all these beautiful hues!

nigerian couture

photo courtesy of Laidi’s blog

Sequin Gele _ Dainty Affairs

photo courtesy of aisleperfect

Edo/Benin Brides: The beading on these brides is simply stunning!



courtesy of BellaNaija

And OMG! These ‘Queen of Africa’ Dolls.  The love of is not limited to the humans.

nigerian dolls

photo courtesy of Naij

Barbie and Ken who?


photo courtesy of Naij


photo courtesy of Naij

If you know nothing else of Nigerian high society, know this: It will be colorful, it will be rich, and it will always be dressed to impress.

Color Riot!

A place I want to be #color #texture #vibrant

A place I want to be #color #texture #vibrant

If you have paid any attention at all, you will notice that my color and design aesthetic is somewhat schizo. On the one hand, I love the simple serene all white palette, but then I see a riot of color, like above and I am completely undone! Doesn’t this image just make you sooo happy?

I’m not sure where this place is, but I know it is a place I want to see one day. I’m thinking maybe India? It would make sense as I completely love anything Indian. The food, the decor, the clothes! I’m dying to make an Indian friend, preferably one who is about to get married, just so I can attend the wedding. I jest. No, I’m not kidding.

Anyway, I hope seeing this image makes you just a tiny fraction as happy as it made me. Enjoy your day!

Fueling My Mojo: Values

What do you value, and how does your lifestyle reflect those values?

(first of all, let me disclaim: I have edited and re-edited this post so much, I hope it makes sense to you, and meets you where you are. Please contact me for clarification of any ambuguities.)

new day

That is an idea that I’ve been pondering lately.

It’s especially hard in this fast-paced new world that we live in, to live your values. With everything coming at you at what feels like warp speed, it can sometimes be hard to pause, think about the long run and make  a slow and deliberate decision.

Boy, what a long and crazy year it has been in my life.

Just over a year ago, my father and brother both moved in to my home within a month of each other, making what was already tight, even tighter. (A mercifully short-lived, arrangement)

I took a job, which now, with my 20/20 hindsight vision makes me go ‘WTF was I thinking?’ (It is aready such a distant memory. Just 2 short weeks after leaving it I cannot, for the life of me, remember the name of the software I used every. single. day. to do my job.)

In the last 12-13 months of my life:

My house has been broken into, with the most important and irreplaceable item being stolen.

My beloved aunt took a very swift decline in her battle with Cancer and passed away.

My Husband lost his job.

Numerous (and costly) vehicle/transportation problems that caught us completely off-guard.

‘Friends,’(not so  much) revealed their true colors, exiting my life.



After allowing myself to be completely honest with myself, I came to realize that I have arrived at this point because I would not give myself permission to live my life as I wanted to live.

All my life I was a good girl.

never make waves,

always be ‘nice’

don’t make noise

don’t laugh out too loud

always be agreeable,

Study something practical that will get you a good job, yadda yadda, yadda

etc etc etc etc

As a teenager, it never occurred to me to rebel…because nice girls don’t do that.

I didn’t even date until I went to college…then I went buck wild.

I Joined the Navy…oh boy, what a time that was!

Even through my early 20’s rebellion years, I still never embraced following my heart.

Toot my own horn? fuggeddaboutit! Nice girls don’t do that!

If you only knew how much I agonize over each and every single post, each and every single picture

…am I being crass?

…am I revealing too much?

…is my project dumb?

…am I biting off someone else’s idea?

and on and on till the break of dawn…

You see, throughout all the times when I was busy pleasing everyone, I was not pleasing myself. I really believed all the cock-and-bull about working the stable sensible job until you till you retire, then, and only then may you enjoy your life…that is, if you’re alive and healthy, and wealthy enough to do so.

While ‘believing’ that cock-and-bull, I was so ashamed of the feeling that that life was not for me.

It felt grandiose and pompous for me to feel like I was above the 9-5 + 6-10 grind. Why am I so special? Don’t millions of people go to jobs they hate, day in, day out?

When I had kids, it got even worse. I started to feel like my ship had sailed, like my time was up, finito.

I felt like it was time to put away my childish things…because after all, being an adult means putting on your big-girl-panties and dealing with it.

For some reason, it is still so hard for me to accept that the conventional way is not the only way. So much so that I’ve sabotaged myself…A LOT.

In this day and age of high unemployment, it feels so frivolous to turn your nose up at any job.

SO I kept squashing my values, and I kept running head first into situations that I knew I would end up hating… as if to do anything else would prove me an unfit parent and a bad adult.

I did this OVER.AND.OVER.AGAIN.AND.AGAIN.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Insanity is repeatedly doing something you hate, expecting a different result from the  last time.

It’s not that I didn’t see anyone else going for it.

On the contrary, I can’t stop reading about people living their living their (my) dreams. It’s just that I somehow felt that that life was for other people. Living your dreams is only reserved for a select few.

Bull. Shit.

I told myself that as long as I could do what I enjoy in my own spare time, it didn’t matter what I did for a cash.

Bull. Shit.

So I did my little home projects, maintained my little blog (well, most of the time) and kept doing things I hate for money.

After all, money IS important. Of course I will still have a job. I’m not financially suicidal, duh. I am just better aligning my choice of work with my values, until I can get to where I want to be.

I am so thankful for those who showed me that it’s ok to want what I want. They have given me the courage and strength to go for it, no matter what is going on.

Because you see, it takes great courage to to stick to your guns, even when the road is rough… (Think Will Smith as Chris Gardner in ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’)

Now, I’m not here to say that it’s sooo easy, and just go for it and life will just be a dream!

I’m scared shitless.

I wake up at night in a panic, wondering what am I doing? Should I just go back to the safe, comfortable and MISERABLE? My resounding answer is ‘HELL NO’.

There are good days, bad days, half-way days. But So far, it’s working out.


(read more on this thought here)

I thank Bloggers like Lynne Knowleton, a designer and blogger who I admire greatly. She has really been such an inspiration, in addition to being open and so, so approachable and responsive, despite being a very busy lady. I so enjoy her blog for her wit, guts and determination to design the life she wants to live. Check out her fabulous treehouse and out-house…yes, I said out-house!

Sooo…My challenge to myself (and for you, yes, you!) is to make sure that every decision I make aligns with my values.

Now, who’s coming with me on this journey? 

I want to know what are your values, and how do you make sure your choices reflect those values?

Fueling My Mojo – Parmida Home Store


~This is not a sponsored post~

I discovered Parmida a couple of months ago and I’ve become a huge fan. Being that it’s a luxury home goods store, sure it’s pricey…but creative inspiration is free!

I recently took a photo tour of my local branch at The Greene Town Center, and thought I’d share the wealth.

photo (20)

I love the store because it combines everything I love about decorating and designing: the ability to evoke a mood with the right combination of accessories, lighting, and color.

photo (22)

I love a space that feels warm and comfortable, yet special and pulled together, but not too ‘done.’

photo (24)

The store layout is very open, allowing customers wide berth to discover all the beautiful products without feeling overwhelmed.  The store reminds me of a much less cluttered Pier 1.

photo (21)

I find myself taking a trip to this store whenever I need a little creative pick-me-up.

What fuels your mojo?

My favorite pins this week–Design

Here are a few things I pinned this week. I’m feeling very design-y right now. Hopefully these pictures brighten your day like they did mine. Tootles!

Discover aphrochic, fabulous designs!


Doing good work: Room Service Atlanta

image courtesy of www.hgtv.com


Look at what Ms. Erika at Blue Label Bungalow is up to! She has just founded Room Service Atlanta, a non-profit organization that provides interior design service to homeless shelters.  When we think of homeless shelters we often don’t think of interior design. As so often is the case when we think of homelessness, we think of just solving the obvious problems.

One of my biggest pet peeves is that often times people don’t think that homeless people deserve ‘frivolous’ things such as dignity. Some people even go so far as to place stringent and ridiculous conditions on their charity. We think because someone is homeless they should just accept cast-offs and be happy about it.  Most people would say that homeless people should get just the basics, no frills. “If they want more, let them go to work and get for themselves.” What a smug, easy answer. If only circumstances that lead to homelessness were that simple.

I’m not suggesting that homeless shelters should be outfitted in the same luxury as your average McMansion, but wouldn’t it be great if they were just a little more cheerful? Wouldn’t it be great if Interior Design did for the homeless what they do for you and me? Wouldn’t it be great if it gave them just a little lift and some encouragement to get them through this tough time in their life?  That is the beauty of Room Service Atlanta.  It says to the occupants of this shelter, “We get it. Just because you’re homeless doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little beauty in your life.”

As Ms. Erika states in her very moving post, “No, interior design is not a cure all for homelessness, but it can do a ton of good for a person’s mental and emotional state.” Now, that’s using your powers for good.

I for one plan to donate some handmade/refurbished items to the cause, and you too can help. Go here or here for more information.