Fueling my Mojo: Industrial Showers

I’m a shower girl.

Some people love taking long leisurely soaks. Nope, uhn-uhn. Give me a shower any day of the week.  There’s nothing like standing under the spray and watching all your stress literally wash away.  I take 2 showers a day, 1 in the morning and again before I go to bed. Okay, not everyday. That would be wasteful.

My current situation is that my shower has 2 and a half measly walls…like adding that extra half wall would have killed them? To further complicate matters, the half wall  happens to also be the wall that has the water supply/shower head. This means that for a long time we had only a handheld shower. That sucked! It finally dawned on me to rig up a faux-shower about 2 years ago. It works, but I still long for a real shower. In the meantime, a girl can dream.

With the way my bathroom is now, I think the best fit would be an Industrial shower. It wouldn’t do to have some glammed out bathroom in my vintage home, so I’ve been researching Industrial showers. Who knew they could be so sexy?

Here’s a round up of some swoon-worthy industrial showers that I found while dreamin’:

I love big showerheads and I can not lie. And just look at the gorgeous patina on that metal!


Loving the simplicity of this minimalist copper shower…though I might get knocked out with all that concrete…ah small price to pay from the gorgousness:


How about an all black bathroom for true relaxation? But how would you keep the floor dry…whatever, it’s gorgeous!


The shower curtain here reminds me of a more stylish version of my current situation. This tells me 2 wall showers and exposed pipes are a thing. Yay me! Oh yeah, I also love the shower head.


And last, but not the least, this:


I love the simplicity and elegance it’s giving off with that graceful 1-piece curve of Pipe. I don’t love the lack of a spraying head, but that’s easily remedied.

You know I want to DIY this, right? It is, after-all just a piece of copper pipe, bent in 2 places, but probably costs a bajillion dollars.

I also love that that bathroom looks like it could actually be in an average person’s house because of the tiles on the wall. While the others have been gorgeous, they look like the would belong in some super-duper-rich person’s house. But this one here? Yeah I could see it in my house.

So there ya have it, my love of industrial showers on display. So what’s giving you life right now?

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