DIY Bike Basket


This Spring and Summer I’ve been battling a pretty bad case of bike lust. It’s baaad. I’m especially powerless against cruiser bikes. With Baskets…front and back. The more colorful the better!  They’re just so dang cute! I mean, just look at this:

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So I got one. I got me a vintage Roadmaster Cape Cod.


Ain’t she cute?

Mine didn’t come with a basket, but that’s ok, cuz that just means I get to choose the basket I want, and…  OOOOOh Project!


So anyway, here’s what I used:

A basket (duh). I got one from my favorite thrift for maybe 75cents. I liked the shape and it looked like it belonged on my bike. We won’t talk about the P&G logo on it, ok?
Firm Leather Strips that I cut from the bottom of an old leather purse I got from the same thrift store.
Leather Rivets

Here’s a pic of the tools and materials minus the basket (cuz of course I decide to blog this after the project was done)


1. Figure out how much leather you need. This depends on how far down from the handlebars you want the basket. I used 6”. I cut my strips to 1”x6”

2. Pass the leather Strip through an opening in the basket. If there isn’t one, make one.

3. Wrap the other ends around the handle bars. Mark your hole locations. Punch the holes with the Hole Puncher.

4. Apply the Rivets with the Rivet Setter. Don’t know how? Here’s a nice video

As my 8 year old would say, Easy Peasy!

Here’s an up close shot of the set up:


I love my bike as is now but I still want to paint it, though the thought of disassembly terrifies me.  Oh, yes, I still need a back bike basket too…


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