Goodwill Outlet – Bargain Hunting for the Hardcore

I am a hardcore, unashamed bargain hunter. My belief is that with just a little imagination and some patience you can have anything you want.

It absolutely kills me to see people spending their hard-earned dollars furnishing their homes with boring unimaginative rent-to-own furniture. People! there’s no need for that! There are so many good free, or practically free options if you are willing to give up keeping up appearances and keeping up with the joneses. In the end, it’s all just stuff, and you will eventually get rid of it, so why blow a lot of money on it?

My favorite thrift store, the Goodwill Outlet on Woodman Ave in Dayton is having a furniture sale this Saturday June 14th. There are expected to be about 4 truckloads of furniture there, so there’s sure to be some bargains. If you’re local and in-need of furniture, this is the place to be! (This is not a sponsored post, just my opinion)


img courtesy of flowerpatchfarmgirl. Read her hilarious recap of her visit here.

This store is hands-down my favorite thrift store for rock-bottom pricing for home items.  Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful treasures from this store. I don’t buy so much anymore because I don’t need so much, but I do still love going to look. I won’t totally bore you with everything I’ve gotten from there, but here’s just a couple.

For $2, I got this perfectly intact, still in box, 7.5 ft tall pre-lit chrismas tree (all lights intact and functional). It certainly merried-up my living room, knowing that I didn’t spend a small fortune for it!


One of my favorite finds was a small lamp table I bought for $2 ( favorite pricepoint, apparently). After shining it up, it became the  $149 table I sold  on my etsy store. Not bad huh?

table collage

This is a store that confounds even the most seasoned bargain hunter, but it happens to be my favorite store for home stuff.

It is a store that puts off many thrifters because:

It is totally disorganized.  This is that last stop before the landfill, and anything goes.

People get c-r-a-z-y in there, especially at bin change. Bin change is when the workers bring out a fresh steaming pile of junk stuff to dig through. The pros start lining up at the first sign of bin change. Once the bins are opened, people dig through stuff, flinging things about looking for buried treasures, often breaking things in the process. It is not nice, and if you’re not careful, you could get trampled.

It attracts some unsavory characters with questionable hygiene habits.

You need to wear gloves if you will be doing any serious digging. There’s broken glass and questionable liquids in those bins.

It is not for everyone. There are people who will never get the appeal of thrift stores, especially a place like this.  That is ok. Leave it for the rest of us.

If you love to dig for treasures and bargains, like me, make it a point to check out your goodwill outlet store (especially this weekend, if you’re in the Dayton ohio area.) You just might find what you’ve been looking for.  If you’re looking for a friendly face, I’ll be there, so say hello!

What are some of your favorite bargain haunts?

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3 thoughts on “Goodwill Outlet – Bargain Hunting for the Hardcore

  1. Libby says:

    Obviously I would love this place! Love the table makeover. Huge profit on that one! Have fun for me. I’m looking for a vanity table or something I could turn into one. 🙂

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