Reset Your Crown


A few months ago I discovered Reset Your Crown, an online lifestyle magazine featuring African/African-American style. The magazine covers topics such as hair care, as it pertains to natural hair, diet and exercise, crafts and décor. Right up my alley, I say! It’s a visually stunning magazine with gorgeous photography and layout. The publisher, LaKaye Mbah is a professional photographer from my old hometown of Hampton Roads Virginia. 

This month’s issue is all about weddings and couple hood.  It features on the cover, the lovely Megan Jenifer-Harris, a violinist and workout –nut, also from Hampton Roads. There are beauty and styling tips as well as food and exercise. And by the way, there’s a DIY article in there by yours truly!


If you’re not familiar with Reset Your Crown magazine, I strongly encourage you to make it’s acquaintance. Make a run over there now!

3 thoughts on “Reset Your Crown

  1. LaKaye says:

    Thank you so much for the feature and kind words! It truly is an honor and a blessing that you were able to contribute to the issue. You’re still a legend around these parts and folks are excited to see your work in the magazine as well.

    • Yetunde Rodriguez says:

      Wow,thanks, I feel special, lol! I sure do miss my Hampton Roads folks. It is so nice to be remembered. I enjoyed working with you on RYC and I look forward to us doing more together in the future!

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