DIY Block Printed Shower Cap

Really? Why make a shower cap when you can get one for a dollar?

Well, here’s the thing. The standard or even so called larger size shower bonnets don’t work for me. It’s not that I have an extraordinarily large head or anything… I just have a lot of hair.

People with locs, you know the struggle is real.

Exhibit A:


There’s just no fitting all that into a regular store-bought shower cap.

So after so many years of getting my hair unintentionally wet, It occurred to me that I could actually make one. One that will fit my exact situation! Oh happy day!

And being the true DIYer and block printer that I am, it wouldn’t do to just buy fabric. I had to print it myself.

I based the design and construction of this shower cap on a store-bought version I had, which used two layers of fabric: a plastic layer and a ‘cloth’ layer.  For the fabric, what better to use than something designed to go in the shower? Shower curtains of course! I used 2 types of shower curtains to be exact.  For the inner layer I used the cheap vinyl shower lining. For the outer layer I used the ‘cloth’ polyester shower curtain.  I was able to get cut 4 circles out of each shower curtain.

Ps… This post is rated ‘M’ for the gratuitous uses of words like ‘Perimeter’ and  ‘Circumference. Apologies for the flood of  middle school algebra nightmares this may unleash on you…

*You will notice that I have a 2 different prints in this ‘tutorial’. That’s because I made 2 total, before getting it right. That’s what I get for not searching for a tutorial to guide me first. I guess I didn’t think anyone else would’ve been crazy enough to make a shower cap for themselves. So, most of the procedures photos show one print, while the finished product shows a different print. That’s because I goofed up the first one and then didn’t take procedure photos of the second one.

1. Determine the size of the cap. I wanted a cap that would be roomy but not be too big. I settled on 24” wide. This will allow enough room for all that hair/locs.

2. I cut out my giant circles


3. Chose one of my stamps as well as paint color, then printed a design all over the polyester outside circle..



The Mister said it looked like an old-lady shower cap.


(I kinda agree but don’t tell him.)

Next, I layered the printed outside with the plastic inside layer with wrong sides together.  IMG_1580

and sewed a 1/2” seam all around the perimeter, leaving a small opening to flip the printed side out.


Then I flipped the giant circle right side (printed side) out.


Once it was turned right side out, I pressed the seam flat and sewed a 1/8” topstitch around the perimeter of the circle.


Then comes the fun part…the elastic that pulls it all together.

I determined how snug I wanted the shower cap to fit, which dictated the length of the elastic.  I took a measurement of where the shower cap would rest on my hairline. This gave me the circumference that the shower cap needed to be when the elastic was stretched out.  I reduced this length by 2inches (23-2 =21). 21 inches gave me the resting (un-stretched) circumference of the shower cap. This is the length of my elastic. Whew! Clear as mud? And you thought you’d never use math in real life…

I made a casing for the elastic by folding in around 1 inch and sewing all around the circle, leaving about an inch of opening to pass the elastic.


Once I sewed the seam around, I used a safety pin to pass the elastic through, then closed up the small opening.


So, like I said earlier, I just kind of winged it, based on a shower cap I already had, but I have since found a much simpler method here, at Whip Up. Go check it out!

Now that I’ve conquered this, I see a night cap in the future…

So, are you game to make yourself a shower cap? I hope so. and I’d love to see it if you do!

PS…if you’re local to the dayton/cincinnati ohio area, I am offering a Block-Printing workshop on June 27th. Learn more here.


4 thoughts on “DIY Block Printed Shower Cap

  1. Vanessa says:

    Love the shower cap (and the locs)! I think anyone with a lot of hair will appreciate a larger shower cap. Thanks for the great idea! 🙂

  2. PATRICIA Luci says:

    I absolutely adore the idea of doing this yourself. Both styles of art you used are awesome. I paint using stencils I draw then carve out or I free hand, so I loved seeing your method.

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