5 (plus 1) Secret Weapons in the Kitchen Ninja Arsenal

There are a dizzying array of kitchen tools and gadgets available to the home cook. For people who don’t cook often because they aren’t sure of what to use, cooking can become a terrible chore.  I’m known as somewhat of a Ninja in the kitchen. Every Ninja’s has some tools in her arsenal.  Not having the right tools in the kitchen is like going against an army with a handgun… Ineffective.


Here are the 5 kitchen tools or gadgets I use regularly.

1. Sharp Chef’s Knife (affiliate link) – A sharp knife is a safe knife, they say. My knife (similar to the one pictured below) has been with me for the past 11 years. The one piece molded construction (like the one pictured below) ensures that there are not rivets to get loose, and no wooden handle to swell. All that’s needed for peak performance is periodic sharpening on my sharpening stone (affiliate link).


sharpening stone

2. Food Processor (affiliate link). I use my food processor just about everyday! With its different blades, It makes short work of chickpeas for falafel, perfectly shreds carrots for salad in seconds,  and chops up frozen okra for Nigerian Stew. I use this tool so much that it lives on my countertop. Another reason it’s my favorite? I got mine (brand new) from my local thrift store or $3, SCORE!!!


3. Blender (affiliate link) Similar to the food process is my blender. I use my blender to crush ice for parties, make smoothies in the summer, grind up peppers, onions and tomatoes for Nigerian Stew amongst other things. Blenders are another dime-a-dozen thrift store item. In fact they are so ubiquitous that I keep have a spare glass cup portion in case I ever drop and break one.


4. Electric Griddle (affiliate link) Another favorite workhorse is my Electric Griddle. Pancakes anyone?! I used to slave over a hot stove making one pancake at a time until I experienced using a Griddle. I could have  a stack of pancakes for the whole family within 15 minutes! I also use my griddle to ‘grill’ salmon (just olive oil, salt and pepper, yum!)


5. Hand Mixer (affiliate link) Of course! One day I will have that beautiful hot pink KitchenAid Stand Mixer. But until then, my super-awesome (thrift store find) hand mixer does justice to my batters: cookies, cakes and even marshmallows!

hand mixer


So there ya have it. My 5 secret weapons that can take you from Kitchen Ho-Hum to Kitchen Ninja in no time!

Let’s face it, there are a lot of tools and gadgets available to the home cook. It can be hard to cut out the noise and hone in on what is really important. These are the ones I turn to over and again. What tools do you have in your arsenal that you can’t live without. Please share below because I’d love to learn about others.

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