No oat flour, no problem.

#grind your own #oatflour using a #coffee #grinder.

You know how a recipe sounds so much more exotic and not-doable if you don’t readily have some of the ingredients on hand? Yeah, I hate that feeling. I’m like, could you just tell me what else I can use if I don’t have that thing?

I had this recipe for Banana Oat muffins that looked good…except I didn’t have any oat flour like the recipe called for. Being smarter than the average bear, I figured, isn’t oat flour really just ground up Oatmeal? Like the oatmeal my kids wake me up every morning to make for them? Hell yeah it is…. BTW, the fancy schmancy crew like to also call it Colloidal Oatmeal, as if they don’t think we’d be smart enough to figure out that it’s just ground up Oatmeal.  I mean, it’s not as if there’s another species of Oats called “Colloidal’ or “Flour.” Well played, recipe writer, and ingredient namers, well-played.

Next time your super health nut muffin recipe calls for oat flour and you don’t have some on hand, fear not, for you have oatmeal on hand, I hope, you big dope…No really, you’re dope…ok I’ll stop now.


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