The afromartha Shop is Back!

I am so very excited to announce the re-opening of my Etsy Shop:


It’s been a long time coming as I’ve gone back and forth over a product line. Sometimes having multiple talents can feel more like a curse than the blessing it really is, when you have to narrow down to one or two things you want to spend your days working on.

So, everyone who has spent any time on this blog knows that I am in love with surface design. I always thought that the only path was to design fabrics and then make something out of them. Well, Instead of fabrics I scaled down a bit, to small little squares of delight for your space, in the form of ceramic coasters!





You may recognize this first design as “Diamonds and Chevs”. I first introduced this design here. Can be purchased here.




This next design is called ‘Pulpy’. This variation comes to you in brown and green. Can be purchased here.






This next design I call “Stone Piles”. Can be purchased here.




Last but not the least, is ‘Pulpy’ again in red and yellow. Can be purchased here.

Rounding out my starting line-up of products:


yes, yes, y’all! AfroMartha is making soap again, and it is for sale!

For those of you who don’t know, I started making soap in December of 1998 after stumbling into a book about bath products. It was as if the sky had opened up. Previous to this, that I could actually make such a thing from basic raw materials had never occurred to me. I spent the next few years learning the ins and outs of soapmaking, and branched into body and spa quality products…and then I stopped. I abandoned soap and any form of bath products for a few years. It just felt (at that time) that the thrill was gone.

I thought I was done with soap, but apparently I’m not. One day while looking for soap to purchase at the store, I thought to myself “what am I doing? I make MUCH better soap than this!” Just like that, I’m back in it. And now you can have some too.

Oh, and guess what that fabulous packaging is? Yup, my designs! What better way to combine 2 of the things I love?

DSCF8286 DSCF8289 DSCF8317

So, I humbly present to you, my starting lineup of products. I am adding more and more, so please, make sure you check back often!

2 thoughts on “The afromartha Shop is Back!

  1. Adrian says:

    Wow you are extremely talented! You have a beautiful collection of pieces! I love your work! Do you have a personal favorite? How long did it take for you to perfect your craft?

    • Yetunde Rodriguez says:

      @Adrian, Thank you so much for your kind words! To answer your question, I don’t really have a personal favorite…kind of like trying to figure out which one of your children you love more, lol. I love each item for different reasons. I have been working a different skills all my life, and I still don’t feel like I’ve perfected anything. I’m sure you can understand this as a creative person. Just when I think I’ve found the perfect technique/skill/craft/whatever, I discover something new. But that is the gift isn’t it? The ability to find a fresh perspective, a new joy in an old thing.
      THank you for stopping by and spending your precious time in my little corner of the blogosphere.

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