Fueling My Mojo – Parmida Home Store


~This is not a sponsored post~

I discovered Parmida a couple of months ago and I’ve become a huge fan. Being that it’s a luxury home goods store, sure it’s pricey…but creative inspiration is free!

I recently took a photo tour of my local branch at The Greene Town Center, and thought I’d share the wealth.

photo (20)

I love the store because it combines everything I love about decorating and designing: the ability to evoke a mood with the right combination of accessories, lighting, and color.

photo (22)

I love a space that feels warm and comfortable, yet special and pulled together, but not too ‘done.’

photo (24)

The store layout is very open, allowing customers wide berth to discover all the beautiful products without feeling overwhelmed.  The store reminds me of a much less cluttered Pier 1.

photo (21)

I find myself taking a trip to this store whenever I need a little creative pick-me-up.

What fuels your mojo?

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