Fueling My Mojo

So lately my creative inspiration has been on fire! No longer bound by the ‘shoulds’ and ‘ought to’s’ I find myself been fueled polar opposite looks.

clockwise from the top left: Image credits Images courtesy of:
Gbenga Orimoloye’s art: http://orimoloye.blogspot.com

 I am simultaneously inspired by bold bright colors and soft muted earthy tones.

I used to think it had to be all or nothing: either all out bold and bright or soft and quiet.

But why not both? Why not incorporate these two looks in harmony?

For instance, your living room could be bold and boho:

everything about this room makes me happy. (image courtesy of blog.justinablakeney.com)

And your private spaces soft and soothing, like so:

I   W I S H.  (image courtesy of http://www.lynneknowlton.com)

A respite from all the fun and excitement of all that color in the public spaces.

Conversely, Party in the back, business in the front.

Your private spaces could be bold and bright, like this:

good luck falling asleep in all that YUM. (image source unknown)

And your public space soft and earthy:

So soothing and pleasant. (image courtesy of flickr)

Looking at this curated collection, you can see that underneath it all is the same bohemian aesthetic. The same passion for slightly irregular edges, just a little unrefined and just shy of imperfectly beautiful.

That underlying theme is what will pull the whole house together.

Since I ditched the the idea that everything had to be perfectly coordinated, I have discovered a whole other world where everything could be just a litle unmatchy-matchy, and fun.

Matchy-matchy perfection is the new blah-blah-blah boring.

The lesson? Go with your gut. If you love it, it will work with everything else.

2 thoughts on “Fueling My Mojo

  1. Libby says:

    I think this is one of the reasons that when I took that online design survey, it said that my style was “funky eclectic.” I love all of the spaces you’ve shown, but I will say that I really LOVE the third image. Takes my breath away. Humm…

    Man, I wish you were closer to help me figure out what to do in my room. My room currently is bare. Shocking! I found some turquoise plates, was given a pillow case with an African print on the front (with turquoise in it), and was recently given a card painted on fabric (made in Kenya – shout out to my friends who marry international folks!). All of these pieces fit together so well, but I would love to pull off something similar in color palette and texture to that 3rd image. Not too girly or masculine.

    We should do a virtual thrift shopping experience via YouTube!

  2. afromartha says:

    HiYa Libby,
    Do you mean the image with the white canopy and bed in the muted color palette or do you mean the really colorful picture?
    I think it would actaulally be easier to pull off the wildly colorful image. Just throw it all in their. It’s a lot harder for me to be more restrained.
    I do wish we could do projects together! How fun that would be…

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