DIY jewelry organizer -or use whatcha got

Here’s a pretty cool DIY I found on one of my favorite sites.

created at: 03/26/2013

Photo Courtesy of Chris Jobs at Curbly. Click on image to go directly to the source.

From the look of it, it should be a fairly simple DIY, especially if you are handy with tools

If however, you’re not, I have a work-around for you. The design of this is very similar to those old fashioned coat hooks that are so commonly found in your average thrift store.

You could pick one up, and use as is, or freshen it up with a coat of paint or stain, and you’re good to go, no cutting, no drilling!

Even better yet, you might already have one of these at home and didn’t realize you could use it for your bangles/bracelets/necklaces/scarves. How clever, huh?

 Now that’s stuff I like, use-whatcha-got solutions!

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