New Earrings Listed

Here’s what else I’ve been working on!

I have revamped my crochet earrings and they are now available in the shop.

I love the new delicious colors that I have sourced, as they tend to reflect my love of the shiny, ethnic and colorful! One of the yarns I used is actually a sari yarn (a nod to my love of India).

This collection is named “Fa’ari”, which is the Yoruba word for ‘uncommon elegance and beauty.’ I even imprinted this transliteration onto the earring cards.

Enjoy the visual feast!


These earrings are available in my online shop, and will soon be carried at Decoy Art Boutique at 1277 N Fairfield Rd, Beavecreek, Ohio.

One thought on “New Earrings Listed

  1. Libby says:

    This is a great collection. Congratulations on keeping the shop up and going and also on having a boutique carry your pieces. Fabulousness!

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