I’m still alive, she says…

I told myself I would try not to take too long breaks from posting. Life as always, has other plans. Then I remembered that a quick update is better than just dead silence. I’ve been (as usual) quite busy. I have a lot (and I mean, A LOT!) of big projects going on. Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing about them. I know that’s just wrong to admit…

Saddling yourself with a moniker like AfroMartha is at times overwhelming. There’s this pressure to always turn out perfect projects, be the queen of all things homey and crafty.  It feels counter-intuitive to discuss the less than perfect part of your homemaking.

The truth is, I don’t always feel like it. There are times when I’m too busy to write. There are times when I’m just trying to get dinner on the table on time. There are times when I just want to get the project done so I can get on with my life.

When you’re constantly trying to turn the home you have into the home that functions for you, all you see around are projects that need to be done. When your house is over a 100 years old, things never go as planned. There are no straight walls, the floor is crooked. Sometimes no matter how many times you measured, the piece you just cut is going to be too short/long/wrong, whatever. That wonderful project you couldn’t wait to jump into turns into a nightmare.

This past week alone, I have replaced my bedroom door. The hinge has been steadily coming off the jamb for the past year, and I knew it was going to be a major project. We either had to get a contractor out to reframe the entire doorway, or come up with an alternative plan. Since the budget doesn’t allow the former at this time, DIY it is. What should’ve been a 2 hour project turned into a 4 day evolution. With some gerry-rigging, some ingenuity and gratuitous cursing, my bedroom finally has a new door. With a door knob that actually locks! Oh happy day!



Imperfect, but it works for now.

Also in the past week, I started a part-time job. I am fortunate to be able to work from home in my new position. The only caveat is, I need a quiet background (telephone work) and my work hours runs into afterschool time for the AfroChildren. So, I had to find a private space with internet and a phone line. Because of the way my house is set up, the only option was to work from my pantry…with a few modifications first. This has led to big doorway project #2 this week: turn my pantry/closet-off-the kitchen into office space. This space (off course) needed a newly framed doorway because the current doors are non-existent.


I’d let you in, but it’s just too junky!

I am taking my time and doing it right to prevent the dreaded DIY hackjob. This involves reframing the entryway to fit the door that will go in the space. If you are handy with a hammer and nails, it’s not too hard. I am actually really excited about this project because of the possibility of completely moving into the space as my office/crafty space. I will keep you updated on the process.

So there ya have it. That’s what I’ve been up to. How about you?

4 thoughts on “I’m still alive, she says…

  1. Janie Richards says:

    My…you are CRAFTY !!! You give women assurance and HOPE that home projects (while difficult) can be DONE !! We LOVE you AfroMartha …:)

  2. Libby says:

    Whatever and whenever you decide to post, you know I’m excited to read it. Congrats on a door that locks, the new pt job, and a new office space craft project in the works. 🙂

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