Happy Love Day–For all you last minute types.

I know I can’t be the only one, right? You know, the one that waits till the last minute to but still expects to pull off something spectacular.

Okay, you don’t have to admit it…skulk away in shame.

If you are late on prepping your valentines this year, I’ve done the work for you (last minute, of course).

Maybe it was because the kids were needling me to make valentines for their classmates. I figured I’d better get with it.

I had planned to design a card to post here, but then Princess Y thought it would be a good idea to design their cards, since I was already making cards anyway.

What a great idea!

So here is the finished product, which you can download here. To use, simply print out (preferable onto cardstock) and cut along the dotted lines.



I decided to use my cards as treat toppers.




For the valentine treats,  I went with the valentine themed M&Ms. Who can resist cutely packaged teensy bags of M&Ms?


Happy Love Day (in advance) to you, and hope yours is a lovely one! Remember, give love everyday, not just once a year.

ps…don’t forget the teachers!

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