Pin all the things….

I have been quite the Pinterest addict of late. I’m not the only one either. Pinterest seems to have taken over the blogosphere and makersphere (I’m inventing this word, watch). I resisted for a few months then I caved in. I am learning faster than I can implement, and it is wonderful!

Can I just say that the women’s apparel alone has changed my life!? I dress much more fabulously now thanks to my style pin board. Styles that I never considered to be ‘me’ before are now staples of my wardrobe. I am in love, and the object of my affections is fashion! This has been especially important to me because I never really considered myself fashionable, especially after having children.

I was never one of those women who shopped for sport. I didn’t understand the excitement over sales and such. If I needed something, I preferred to go by myself instead of with friends.  Though I wasn’t ‘frumpy’, I didn’t know how to really dress my body, so shopping was a chore for me. Being able to see how to combine the myriad styles has unlocked possibilities for me, and for the first time in my life I’m really enjoying shopping for clothes. I’m about 90% thrift store, and that makes it even more fun for me.

This shift in fashion-tude couldn’t be more timely for me. My children are all finally school age, I’m focusing more on my career ambitions, and I am about to (in a matter of days) enter my forties. It’s a new era, and it deserves a wardrobe that reflects the internal changes.

My Style Board - These are a few of my favorite things.

Of course my pin-love is not limited to fashion. I have learned a lot from the DIY, Crafts and Home Decor boards as well. I have quite a few projects bookmarked for this year, and I’m working quickly to get them done so I can post!

If you haven’t already, hurry on over and sample the crack.


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