The Holy-Grail: Organization

Yes, I rearrange. A lot. Just ask my family.

But did you know that I was born without the organizing gene? Yup it’s true. I get a big fat ‘F’ when it comes to planning and arranging. I’m more of a ‘big-picture’ kind of gal.

Well, after the last craft show that I did, I knew things had to change. I wore myself out getting ready (at the last minute) for the show.  I spent most of my work time hunting down tools and supplies. I was so exhausted that I fell ill right after the show and was down for most of last week.  I knew it was time to get organized. For real this time.

I am learning that being organized is a learned habit, and the only way you learn it is to practice it.  So I am doing the hard work. You know, the not-so-fun part where you have to make some hard decisions. What to keep, toss, donate. What items go together and should be grouped together. Labels!

It has been said (and I firmly believe) that “clutter is delayed decision-making”  During this process, I often found myself clutching some random object, wondering how to store it.  Then it would dawn on me that I didn’t have to keep it. I could just toss it! Once that decision was made, I realized I wasn’t really attached to that object anyway, it just hadn’t occurred to me to decide to decide.

So with the newfound wisdom, I tackled my craft space, one corner, one storage furniture piece at a time. I purged, purged, and purged some more. And you know what? I realized I didn’t even need the half the storage items I had in the space.

I’m thinking it now looks like those pictures I’ve so often drooled over online.  More pics to come (camera ran out of juice).





The big giant table, a work in progress…but more on that later.


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