Life Lately

So this past weekend we hitched our wagon and headed to our old stomping grounds of Hampton Roads Virginia.
The occasion was my extra son’s 17th birthday weekend, so we thought it’d be nice to go see him. Since it was also father’s day weekend it was particularly nice for The Hubs to be with all his children. (The Hubs is not in this picture, but just pretend that the tall handsome young man in the pic is him, because they are uncannily almost identical. X is just a darker shade of his dad)



Of course it didn’t hurt that we were able to squeeze in visits with my bestie and a few other friends.  Is this not the yummiest baby girl you have ever seen? She almost makes me long for another.  She belongs to a friend who also happens to be a crafty Mama. She crocheted the this stinkin’ cute winter hat for the baby, and yes, I made Mom put it on so I could get a pic.



We didn’t see everyone we had hoped to see, but you can only cram so much into 2 days.  Never announce to everyone that you will be in town and that you will see them. It simply will not happen. There’s always next time…

All in all we had a great time! There was food, fun, family and friends. It was worth the 10-12 hour drive, and almost worth the horrible hotel. I’m sure we will one day laugh about the not-at-all magificent accomodations.  The first room we were assigned had been double booked. What a lovely surprise the dirty tub and towels, full trashcan and full fridge were! Just imagine the comedy that would’ve ensued had the original guests come in as we were getting dressed! My bad on that one, since I booked the hotel.

Along the way we passed through my other old stomping grounds, West Virginia (add this to your ‘did you know’ file about me.) Yes, I am a proud West Virginian *by way of Nigeria* of course. I managed to snap a picture of the gorgeous Mountain State capitol building. Of course my impromptu iPhone pic could only do it so much justice.



Great trip, now off to the sweatshop I go! Next show: this weekend Cincinnati Final Friday PopShop.

5 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Eliss says:

    You have a beautiful family!!!

    I’ve never been to Virginia, but I hope to travel up there one day. I really hope to go to Hampton…I’ve heard many things about it.

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