I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…

I have just been taking care of some other things. Here are some things I’ve been working on:

*New items for my shop. I have a local store that’s very interested in my scarves, so I have been working on that.

*I am also reorganizing my craft/work space. Why does it seem like a never-ending task? Since I moved into the family room, it feels a lot more (and hopefully will be) permanent.

*Planning our ‘Urban Garden’.  I have always wanted a vegetable garden, but I know next to nothing about starting or tending one, (despite living on a farm for 3 years of my youth). Coupled with that is the fact that I don’t think we have the best soil, or the space (our family room is built on what would have been prime garden space).  Genius hit me like Newton’s apple while flipping through my latest issue of <a href=”http://www.diyideas.com”>Do It Yourself</a> magazine.  If we can’t have the garden UNDER/BEHIND the family room, why not OVER it? The plan is to have our container garden on the roof of our family room, which is completely flat and very spacious.  I am researching as much as I can about Urban Gardens, and can’t wait to get to work!

Check out these rooftop/container gardens. Cool, huh?

courtesy of gotitgrowingon.tumblr.com

courtesy of greenville organic foods

3 thoughts on “I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…

  1. Heather says:

    Very cool garden idea! I wish I had a green thumb..but I really can’t even keep a houseplant alive.

    I need to find a permenant workspace in my home..we are talking about convering our loft into a closed office for me, but that will be pricey. I’m thinking of taking over the formal dining room but I get nervous about little hands in my workspace – so for now I fumble around in my bedroom and garage. Glad at least someone is getting organized 🙂

  2. Dee says:

    That drawer idea is brilliant. I’m growing my first veggie garden this year in containers. Every day my little seedlings grow stronger, I feel a little more pride. 🙂

    • AfroMartha says:

      @Dee: I love reuse ideas, so I’m loving the drawers too. I haven’t even gotten started on our garden yet, since old man winter is not going gently into that goodnight here in Ohio. How I miss Hampton Roads!

      @Heather: I don’t have much of a green thumb either, but I’m going to give it a shot, lol. I love “10” vs “1”. The more the merrier.

      @Eliss: thanks for loving my earrings

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