they’re baaack…and a little contest

The earrings, that is. So guess who’s shop is no longer empty?

That’s where I’ve been, in case you wondered.  I’ve been tending to my (previously) very empty etsy shop. It is now on its way to being chock full of fun and unique accessories for both you, and your home.


And now a few announcements:

*I have decided to limit the “Thrifty Tuesday” segment to just once a month or so.  I’m finding it a little tough to keep up the pace.

*I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal.  I just cannot conform.  Tried it, hated it. This also means my posts will be more free-form. Still on topic, but free-form. Why be who I’m not?

*In the interest of simplicity, my Jesplayin shop will remain open and will contain everything I make for sale, whether it’s housewares, personal accessories or what have you.  I’ve had that shop the longest, and it just makes sense to keep it open. This means no more separate AfroMartha shop.

*Contest Time*

I am however going to change the business name to “YayToonDay”.  Leave a comment below as to what that name means or how you think I came up with it.  I will use a randomizer to select a winner from the CORRECT answers (hint: go research). The prize: A free pair of earrings of your choice from my shop.

Good Luck!

10 thoughts on “they’re baaack…and a little contest

  1. sia alexander says:

    I love that you’re changing the business name to YayToonDay! It’s so happy and fun sounding, just like your name…hint hint.

  2. Libby says:

    Yay for the shop being stocked. 🙂

    As for the business name – I assumed it was the way to pronounce your name. Maybe it helps people get it right. lol

  3. Heather says:

    I’d say its the pronunciation of your name 🙂

    BTW I cant decide between Table for One or Ten! LOL..I kinda like a table to myself – but you are right, its fun to tell people about Ten. (??) Maybe I’ll change it back..keep people guessing! 🙂

  4. Eliss says:

    I love those earrings! I can see myself rocking them very nicely *hint, hint.*

    I think the name comes from your name. I guess the “Yay” part is like a happy expression…as to say, “Yay! It’s my day,” or something close to that. I also thought it sounds like “yesterday.”

  5. Fresh Goddess says:

    I love the color and texture of these pretty earrings. I’ll have to feature in an upcoming Style feature. Hey, just posted your site in our “Blogs We Like” list. Check it out when you open any of the articles. 🙂

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