eye candy


Just got in from the Eye Candy show sponsored by the Dayton Etsy Team, held at Eye Candy Studio and Gallery.  What a great time! It was great to see and network with other artists/crafters and show our work.  I spent the last couple of weeks days getting ready.

check out the buffet of colors!

For this show I went with my ever popular crochet earrings. I tightened up my collection considerably and focused on making a great display. The work paid off! The earrings were a hit, and so were the displays.

The displays I built (last night , ahem) really allowed each pair of earrings to stand out rather than being jumbled in with other pieces.  My intention was to showcase the earrings as much more than ‘just another piece of jewelry’, but more as a statement accessory.


Well the people have spoken. It looks like I will continue with producing my earrings.  The focus will be on producing them using beautiful and unique yarns not seen elsewhere.  I will be listing them back in my shop in the next two weeks.

In other news, I’m about to be even busier.  I have volunteered to help with Yej’s school production of Alice Jr., in which she plays one of the flowers. I am in charge of producing about 15 costumes, yikes!  Thrift store, here I come.  It will be fun though. Stay tuned for the hilarity that will surely ensue.

4 thoughts on “eye candy

  1. Libby says:

    Those displays are terrific. Did the customers keep those with their purchase too? I love your earring collection. It’s great to see this part of your creativities again.

    I also understand your need to showcase one aspect of your work. I’ve just been gung ho about trying “everything” but I’ve been thinking of streamlining my work for situations such as this.

    • AfroMartha says:

      @Libby: Thanks! No, I keep the displays. I take the earrings off and bag it for the customers.
      I still haven’t figured out how to get into the home accessories side of things without looking like everybody else or making things you can easily find in any superstore. I would’ve loved to focus just on that, but these earrings are very unique and get a great response, so for now I will keep to these. One thing I’m slowly learning is this: “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything.”

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