tiffany blue, cerulean, aqua, ultramarine…

Princess Y recently declared that she is over the color pink. Pink is sooooo last year. Suddenly pink is for babies. You see, she is 10 now, and it’s all about the turquoise. Well, yes ma’am. 

To celebrate her newfound favorite hue, We had a fun mother-daughter day at the mall, spotting as much turquoise as her little heart desired. We topped of the day at Sephora where she got her very own little (overpriced, yikes!) bottle of turquoise nail polish. Aint it purrty?!




Or if you don’t enjoy looking at feet, here’s some other turquoise.






This got me to thinking about the freedom of being young and not so set in your ways. When it comes to fashion and personal accessories, I gravitate towards earthtones, like orange (my favorite!), browns, greens.  It takes stepping out my comfort zone to dress in blues, purples, and jewel tones. 

I thought my love of orange should reflect in home décor, but that did not end well. I once painted my living room a deep fiery orange that I loved. I repainted a few short weeks later when I could no longer take the oppression of the color’s intensity.  From that experience I have learned that I prefer my walls in neutrals. My home is (on the way to being) neutral and muted. Which I love. But I still crave color.

As it so happened, I read The Nester’s post about "Take-a-risk day.” This has encouraged me to paint a piece of furniture in a color other than my usual black, white or dark brown.  I will post the result on Thrifty-Tuesday. Stay tuned.

What about you? Do you ever feel like you’ve gotten stuck in a rut or set in your ways? How do you go about breaking out and trying something new?

4 thoughts on “tiffany blue, cerulean, aqua, ultramarine…

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  2. Libby says:

    It’s funny. I love color, but my wardrobe seriously does not reflect my true tastes or interests. Yeah, maybe a shirt or two, but I wear way too much black so I’ve been told.

    My house is a work in progress. I’m working on adding color. I grew up in a house with white walls except my room and my brother’s room, which stayed the same color until we moved out. So in my own home I’m trying to figure out how to add the colors I love. I find myself gravitating towards the fall color scheme (greens, oranges, browns, and beige), but I don’t want every room like that.

    My decorating goal is to have each room have its own feel to it. I want coziness and something unique.

    My latest post is about one of my home decorating/renovating projects.

  3. Heather says:

    My home is seriously lacking color. I am most comfortable with neutrals, but really want to add some bold splashs of color. I did paint an old beat up dining chair Oxford Blue, sanded the edges, and I love it.

    I cant wait to see the piece you reveal!

  4. Princess Y says:

    Mom,I only said it was for “little kids”,not babys!Also,my “little” heart is quite big and I desired not just my “little” heart.Also,ummm,I also got over turkoise and retreated to yellow now.

    Thank you,
    Your daughter Princess Y

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