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Look at what Ms. Erika at Blue Label Bungalow is up to! She has just founded Room Service Atlanta, a non-profit organization that provides interior design service to homeless shelters.  When we think of homeless shelters we often don’t think of interior design. As so often is the case when we think of homelessness, we think of just solving the obvious problems.

One of my biggest pet peeves is that often times people don’t think that homeless people deserve ‘frivolous’ things such as dignity. Some people even go so far as to place stringent and ridiculous conditions on their charity. We think because someone is homeless they should just accept cast-offs and be happy about it.  Most people would say that homeless people should get just the basics, no frills. “If they want more, let them go to work and get for themselves.” What a smug, easy answer. If only circumstances that lead to homelessness were that simple.

I’m not suggesting that homeless shelters should be outfitted in the same luxury as your average McMansion, but wouldn’t it be great if they were just a little more cheerful? Wouldn’t it be great if Interior Design did for the homeless what they do for you and me? Wouldn’t it be great if it gave them just a little lift and some encouragement to get them through this tough time in their life?  That is the beauty of Room Service Atlanta.  It says to the occupants of this shelter, “We get it. Just because you’re homeless doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little beauty in your life.”

As Ms. Erika states in her very moving post, “No, interior design is not a cure all for homelessness, but it can do a ton of good for a person’s mental and emotional state.” Now, that’s using your powers for good.

I for one plan to donate some handmade/refurbished items to the cause, and you too can help. Go here or here for more information.

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