Happy Love Day–for the love of Teachers…

Everyday’s the fourteenth! Or should it be?  I’m not usually big on V-Day and all the excitement and angst that usually accompany it. I’m of the ‘it’s just a holiday created by hallmark’ faction, actually. However, in the spirit of ‘celebrating all the moment’s of our lives’ and my my resolve to enjoy the details, I decided to go big this year…for my kids’ teachers. Since I didn’t do anything for the holidays, I felt that I owed.  Teachers have a special place in my heart because as we all know, our teachers are over-worked, under-paid, and under-appreciated. It’s a job I could never do.


It all started with Mr. L. Mr. L is a good-natured man who fancies himself a bit of a comedian.  Ever since I sent the kids’ with some mini-muffins for him, he makes sure to put in his baking request regularly.  I had been slacking off in my baking of late and he let me know it.  Last week on a particularly cold morning when I dropped the kids off, the following conversation ensued.

“Good Morning, Mr. L! Cold enough for ya?” 
To which he responded “It sure is! But you know what is nice and warm, Mrs. R?”
“What?”, I asked innocently.
“The oven,” He responded. “Is yours broken?”


Since I was bringing Mr. L. a cupcake, I felt it would only be right to bring one for Mr. G who welcomes the kids at the door in the morning along with Mr. L. Of course, I had to send some for the the homeroom teachers. Then there were the Specials teachers (art, music, gym etc). These are the teachers that your kid sees everyday but you never think of when it comes time to give presents because they don’t have a homeroom. They are the Art teacher, the Music Teacher, the librarian etc. I know my little cupcake doesn’t come close to making up for the peanuts that the get paid, the gross abuse from parents AND students alike, and the never ending mound of work they do everyday. I just want them to know that they are appreciated. PICT0265

Anyway, so there I was making cupcakes.  I then decided to really cute-ify them, because what good is a cupcake if it’s not cute? Forget how good it tastes, how cute is it!? Here is a template of the cupcake wrappers I used. (The flowers design is all my own, an AfroMartha original, so please share nicely, and freely. I know it’s a bit late for Valentine’s, so I left the space blank if you want to write in something else.  Click on the picture, and this will load a .pdf version. Enjoy~



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6 thoughts on “Happy Love Day–for the love of Teachers…

  1. Libby says:

    As a teacher, I have to thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    You’ve just summed it up quite nicely. Be sure to read my next to last blog post. The first pic goes well with your summation. lol

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • AfroMartha says:

      Hi Libby,
      I didn’t know you were a teacher! Thanks for all you do, and if I could I would’ve given you a cupcake today too.

  2. Erika at BluLabel Bungalow says:

    Sounds like we were sailing in the same boat. This Valentine’s Day I ordered personalized muslin bags from http://www.perideaudesigns.com and filled them with handmade cards (made by me and my husband)and adorned bottles of hand sanitizer from the dollar store.

    The look of appreciation on their faces made my day. Every now and then it feels good to know that someone truly appreciates you, right? I will have to show tokens of my appreciation more often.

    Cute packaging and I bet your cupcakes were yummy!

    • AfroMartha says:

      Oh how cute are those bags! I’ll have to stalk their site.
      It’s the little things people appreciate…everyone wants to be told they’re doing a good job once in a while.

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