Divorcing Craigslist

Maybe it’s me, but there is so much spamming and scamming going on on that site it’s amazing that genuine deals still go on there. I generally stay away from going there, but sometimes I can’t resist. In the past few months I have encountered a number of wild goose chases which take the form of the following scenerios:

1. Someone posts a freebie that looks great (or maybe doesn’t even have a picture). You respond. Here’s what I got back:

Sorry that I didn’t reply earlier, I had offered this to somebody else but she didn’t reply to me. Are you still interested?
I need to go to an event at my son’s school tomorrow but then I should be around for a few days. Just let me know when youll be around.

Sounds reasonble enough, right? So you respond with ‘yes, sure.’ They wait a day or so, then tell you that the original winner did show up to pick it up and ‘oh so sorry, but here’s a coupon for such and such, go on this website and give up your information.’ Ugh! This happened to me a couple of times, same format exactly. You would think they would at least try to change it up a bit.

2. The ad has a phone number, so you call (trying to show sincerity). The people don’t (or pretend not to know) what you’re talking about. They didn’t (or supposedly didn’t) list anything for sale.

3. There’s the usual you post something for sale, a million people respond saying they desperately need your item. You make appointments, but mysteriously everyone ‘no-call, no-shows.’ Ugh! Once after several no-call, no-shows I actually amended my ad to read something like this:

Look, I get it. Sometimes it really is just about the thrill of the chase, but please think twice before responding to this ad. If after taking a beat, you decide you really want it and are serious about coming to look at it, then please respond. But please, let’s not waste each other’s time with impulse responses.

Worked like a charm. That. Time.

4. And the most annoying scenerio of all….. I didn’t even have anything posted on the site, yet a couple of people called me about a Harley I have for sale.  For realz?  Ipitydafoolwhotoldyoudemlies!

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