Imagine my excitement when I opened my mail today to find a Gift Card to Pier1 Imports! inside a birthday card. My amazing, fantastic absolutely fabulous Sister-in-law C sent it to me. She called to wish me happy birthday last week and we got to talking and I mentioned how I just loved Pier1 even though I can’t get hired there to save my life. I guess she was listening and she knew exactly what to get me as a present. Thanks C, you’re the best ever! Oh, and this time the GC didn’t almost end up in the trash like last Christmas.

Later in the evening on Christmas long after all the presents were opened and all the initial excitement had died down, I decided I wanted all the boxes taken outside to the trash. I just couldn’t stand looking at the mess, and I wanted it all gone, like ASAPtually! When The Mister didn’t move fast enough to take out the mess, I decided I would take it out myself. He managed to convince me to wait till the morning (which was the day before trash day) due to neighborhood cats, racoons and such.  I grudgingly agreed. Imagine our shock followed by horror the next morning when he discovered 2 gift cards in one of the boxes I almost threw out the night before! Mine $50 to Lowes, his a $25 GC to Barnes and Noble from my wonderful in-laws(they know us well)! Of course The Mister still won’t let me live that one down.


Did I mention that I have the best in-laws ever? I am so blessed to have married into a family who loves and accepts me unconditionally as they do. Mami, my Mother-in-law, despite the language barrier is awesome. She also makes the bangin’-est Moro de Habichuelas I’ve ever tasted! My brother-in-laws are also pretty amazing. I actually have a relationship with them that goes beyond ‘hi, bye.’ Brother B never fails to bring back a gift for me on his many, many vacation trips. I swear that man stays on Vacay! He really knows how to enjoy life, as he makes it a point to go to a different part of the world at least once a quarter. Sister C is simply the best sister-in-law anyone could ask for. I really gained a sister when I married her brother oh-so-many years ago. I couldn’t imagine life in a different familia. Did I mention they know how to party? They are a rowdy bunch and  I am so thankful for them.

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So guess who’s going to have fun tricking up the newly-charming living room at Pier1? I was there last weekend with my friend V, and I saw quite a few things that I simply must have!

image courtesy of

I have been sweating one of these ever since I saw a pink Cynthia Rowley version at Marshall’s last summer. Doesn’t it just look so soft and inviting?

image courtesy of

What a funky rug this is! Now if only the price would fit neatly into my gift card…

image courtesy of

Maybe some of these gorgeous jar candles? I could use some for my party, and these would fit neatly into my Gift Card, lol

images courtesy of

And how darling are these animal coffee mugs?! No one will mistake your coffee mug for someone else’s for sure!

This is too much fun and I can’t wait!

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