Reboot. Refresh. Restart.

My friend Tila and I with our daughters at our last craft show of the season

Betcha thought I forgot about you, didn’t ya? Nope, I sure didn’t! I’ve just had a crazy crazy last few weeks! I’ve had a mix of unexpected and expected events that threw me of course.

For starters, I have a very unexpected long-term house guest on very short notice. While I’ve been very happy to have my relative stay with me, as we all know it comes with added logistical adjustments.

Secondly, I had a very bad (expensive!) home maintenance issue.  Shortly after receiving the unexpected house guest, my main sewer line broke!  Who even knew that could happen??? Seeing as it costs anywhere from $1500 – $4000, We are still in the thick of that situation.  How did we find out? Well, everything that went down our drainpipes (liquids and *ahem* solids!) came back up through our basement drain. Um, yeah, not fun. When we get to that day when we are laughing about it,  I plan to do a full post about how to survive this situation should it ever happen to you. Hopefully that will be very soon, as it has been very taxing, what with the house guest and all.

Thirdly, This was all going on while I was in the thick of fall craft show season. As fun as that was, it was hectic, given everything else that was going on. I’m happy to report that I did fairly well, all things considered. It was fun, but I’m glad that’s done, till next year!


All these goings on has caused me to evaluate where I am with this blog and my etsy shoppes, and how to simplify things a bit. As the year is quickly drawing down I am also contemplating 2011 and the direction to take.  I realized that this blog has gotten a little off-track as far as purpose.  My purpose for AfroMartha was to focus on the house and home, which is my first love. In the pursuit of crafting I strayed a bit from that. Just as I’ve strayed from that on my blog, I strayed from caring for my house and home. I was phoning it in, just doing the basics because I was swamped with running JesPlayin and AfroMartha The blog and The newly launched store.

I am happy to announce that starting in 2011, the focus will be back on the house and home. I will be phasing out my JesPlayin store to focus on further developing AfroMartha. As I mentioned previously, the house and home are my first love, and it’s time to return to it.

For the blog, I will be bringing tips and tricks that have helped me along the way, as well as crafts, tutorials, and whatever else you’d like to see (just leave me a comment below!). For the store, I will be offering my unique line of home items.

As I continue to flesh out my plans, I invite you to give me your input in the form of comments. Tell me what you’d like to see, especially what you don’t see elsewhere, questions you may have and such. If I don’t know, I will find out.

2011, here I come.

5 thoughts on “Reboot. Refresh. Restart.

  1. Libby says:

    Congrats on the craft show. I’m planning on my first one next month. (Crossing my fingers!) I do understand the need for streamlining your online presence. Whatever you decide to post, I’ll be glad to read. 🙂

    Best wishes!

    • AfroMartha says:

      Thanks Libby,
      IT was fun. Thanks for tuning in. I plan on making it even more informative in the new year. Good luck on your upcoming shows! I’m sure you’ll do well.

  2. meca isa says:

    hi yetunde!
    guess what, i just bought a sewing machine and i’m obsessed! i thought about you and YES, please keep this blog alive. as, i’ll be checking in via your fb updates! 2011 will be an aspiring year 🙂


    • AfroMartha says:

      I’m so happy to hear from you! Glad you are enjoying your new sewing machine. It can be really fun to create something totally new, even from old things! I will keep you posted on my goings-on. I’ve been very consumed with woodworking for the past few days and I can’t wait to post about my new project, so stay tuned…

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