Reduce/Reuse/Recycle:Soup Can Pencil Cup

Here’s a handy little cup to corral all those errant pens and pencils. This works great for the kids’ art supplies as well as in your office. Add a personal (and prettier!) touch to your office storage solutions!

What you do:

1. Save your soup cans. Peel off the label, wash inside and out.

2. If necessary, file down any sharp points on the inside with a nail file or sandpaper, until it’s no longer sharp and dangerous.

3. Measure the circumference (the wraparound), and the height of the cup (who said you don’t use math in your daily life?) The standard 14oz soup can measures 9.25″ in  circumference and 4.25″ height. Allow another .25″ overlap for a total 9.5″ width x 4.5″ height.  Your paper or fabric used to cover the can will measure 4.5″ x 9.5″. Add a little more to the height if you want to fold inside the cup.

4. Cut your paper. For the picture above, I used fabric that printed with one of my designs. You can use pretty wrapping paper, a piece of pretty fabric, Old magazine pages, etc. The possibilities are endless!

5. Apply adhesive to the back side of your paper or fabric.  I ran my printed fabric through my Xyron sticker maker machine.  You could use Mod Podge, Spray adhesive, or even hot glue. I like my sticker maker because it’s quick, easy, non-toxic and not messy.  Use whatcha got though!

6. Carefully wrap your can with the paper or fabric ‘sticker’. Voila! You have your new pencil cup! You are of course not limited to pencils. Store safety pins, paper clips, scissors, what have you!

Looking for clip art to print out? Download some of my designs! Note: these are my original designs and are protected by copyright, but I offer them FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY.

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3 thoughts on “Reduce/Reuse/Recycle:Soup Can Pencil Cup

  1. Sanura says:

    I still have the soup can with the vertical pastel dots that you mailed to me a few years ago. It’s on my desk right now. The paper makes all the difference, and it’s coming from you, it’s going to be beautiful.

  2. VintageVamp says:

    I made a couple of these but used jumbo baby formula cans, Japanese wrapping paper from World Market, and Mod Podge. One holds all our pens and markers in the kitchen by the phone, and the other is for spare change. I love them, and soon I’ll make some more to hold my boys’ art supplies. I think I’ll try fabric this time. I LOVE how yours looks. Tres chic!

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