Braided Leather Bracelet

Check out this really cool (not to mention fast!) idea for a braided leather bracelet. The crafty folks over at Her Royal Highness’ website came up with this one.  It’s quick (took less than five minutes to make) and almost magical. You will be left wondering how you did it!

Here’s my finished product:

My suggestions to add to this project:

1. I’d funk it up with some large wooden buttons or beads for unique accessory.

2. Instead of embroidery floss to close it up, I’d add some metal snaps or even rivets

3. Veganize it by using a different material like fabric, or my favorite new thing, Tyvek!

4. Make it longer and turn it into a belt.

If I do any of these I’ll be sure to post the pics…the mods might even make it into the shop!

Posted in: DIY

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