Mommy Guilt

Dear Daughter,
I know you really, really, really, really want me to make you that Pettiskirt for picture day on friday, but I just don’t think I can. I should have said so when you first asked me, but I really, really, really, really wanted to make it for you.

You see, I do everything I can to get you what you want and what you need. The fact that I had no mother to show me the ropes leads me to bending over backwards, twisting, contorting, and yes, making promises that I shouldn’t just do make you happy. It is killing me softly.

I am exhausted, bleary eyed, and still have a show to prepare for this weekend. I simply don’t have the time this week to make that skirt , show you how to knit, answer random philosophical questions, and anything else you may come up with for me this week. I need sleep, and help, not another project.

So I am sorry. You will not have that skirt for friday. I hope this doesn’t send you to the therapist when you’re 30. Trust me, the world will not end, and you will still look lovely no matter what you wear in the picture.


6 thoughts on “Mommy Guilt

    • AfroMartha says:

      Oh I’m over the guilt… It’s funny I didn’t think of it like that. You can’t see the foofy skirt part anyway, good point. Oh well, she got a new dress out of it.

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